Remy Orlowski

  • Indoor/spring seed starting
  • Winter Sowing of Seeds
  • Perennials for full sun
  • Heirloom Rose Growing

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Call me at (716) 871-1137, or email me here.

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 Topic Descriptions
  • Indoor/spring seed starting
    Everything you need to know to successfully start from seed. From timing, proper preparation, and care once the sprouted. This class is best for late winter early spring. –about an hour, but add extra time for questions and answers after talk is done.

  • Winter Sowing of Seeds
    An excellent class for late fall and winter. This a method popularized by Remy’s friend, Trudi Davidoff of It makes the more difficult propagation of hardy perennials easy. Demonstration of this method is done. It can be done as a class (adults or children) where everyone takes home a container. Tips for success in WNY are discussed. Photos can be shown. –about an hour, but add extra time for questions and answers after class is done.
  • Perennials for full sun
    Discussion of the plants that will grow well in WNY without too much care, plant bloom times, combos. Will bring appropriate plant material (cut flowers in bloom and/or potted plant specimens.) -about an hour plus question and answer time. 
  • Heirloom Rose Growing
    will discuss the best varieties for the WNY climate, how to plant and care for them, and even grow them without chemicals! This class is best done with the use of photos unless held in June during the height of bloom where actual flowers will be brought for display. About an hour plus question and answer time.
Technology needs
Presentations can be without media, but if you have a set up for CD pictures to be shown on a large screen that works great.

Past Presentations
  • Slow Foods Niagara Buffalo
  • Rochester Civic Garden Center
  • Niagara Wheatfield Adult Education 
  • Catholic Daughters of the Americas
Published Articles & Interviews

    was very informative and entertaining.... I will never think of plants in the same way.” “so fabulous!!” ~ Attendees of Seed Starting for Slow Food Buffalo Niagara 


Remy is the owner of the Sample Seed Shop, a highly rate online retail seed store. She specializes in the seeds of heirloom tomatoes, and unusual flowers. 

She also is the hostess of the Buffalo Niagara Tomato Taste Fest, a party for gardeners to come and celebrate their harvest. 
Until the recent budget cut, she was a favorite adult education teacher of cooking and gardening for the Niagara Wheatfield School District.