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Welcome to Garden Talk Buffalo! If you are a speaker who speaks to garden clubs, botanical gardens, and other horticulture venues, or have a horticultural expertise and wish to share, we'd like to help.   
Different questions than you see here?  Please contact us here.

Who should join?
If you are currently a garden/horticulture speaker and want to find new venues, increase your visibility, and book more engagements, we're glad to help. If you have an expertise and you'd like to share, but have not done so before, we can help as well. Floral designers, master gardeners, botanists, landscape designers, landscape architects, plant specialists and garden writers who speak to peers and/or general audiences are all welcome.

What do you do to help me find speaking gigs?
Email campaigns, social networking, and press releases, we reach garden clubs, botanical gardens, garden shows, conferences, and other venues that are looking for speakers. Notices can be added the the Garden Walk Buffalo calendar, Garden Walk Buffalo Facebook page, National Garden Festival Facebook page and more.

Will you act as my agent or take a commission?
No. Once they find you, it’s up to you to make your own arrangements.

How much does it cost?
$25/year. We want to keep the site affordable, while raising enough money to cover costs and outreach. We hope you'll find that even if you only book one talk a year through the site, it will pay for itself.

What's included in a one-year subscription?
A speaker listing gives you the ability to have one photo, recent speaking engagements, upcoming speaking engagements, audience testimonials, topics of expertise, bio, etc. listed.

Whose site is this?
Garden tourism advocate and advertising and marketing professional Jim Charlier of JCharlier Communication Design and

I'm ready to join!
Click below to open an account and start creating your listing.
Once you've submitted payment, you will be directed to a screen that will ask you to provide the following information (via an email):
Presentation topics
Presentations you have prepared and presented before and have ready to present.

Fees and Conditions
List a fee per presentation, or range of fees, or list if a presentation fee is negotiable. If you prefer to not list a specified price, but have a meeting planner call to get an estimate, that is fine too. Please list any other conditions - mileage, other travel costs, meals, hotel stays, reimbursements, etc.

Contact information
Phone number(s), email address, street address

Website/Social Media
Website url, Facebook page url, Twitter address, any other social media contact information you may have.

Topic descriptions
A one paragraph description of what is covered in your presentation, and length of time of presentation. Each topic will be a bullet point list.

Technology needs
A brief list including what hardware and software you'll providde as well as what accomoddations you'll require (microphone, screen, tables, power, extensions cords, etc.)

Upcoming presentations
A bullet point listing of upcoming groups to which will present and topic title. You will have to submit your upcoming presentations to ths email to enable Garden Talk Buffalo to list your event and promote your event through its outreach & promotion venues such as Garden Walk Buffalo's website calendar and Facebook page and eNewsletter, the National Garden Festival's Facebook page, Garden Talk Buffalo eNewsletter updates and press releases.

Past presentations
A bullet point listing of past groups to which you have presented.

Short quotes, with citations, from meeting planners or audience members about your past presentations.

Published articles
Bullet point list of relevant published articles, books, and columns written by you, or where you were interviewed, with links if possible.

Any information about you that is relevant to the topics covered in your presentation(s). This can be in paragraph form and as long as you wish.

Please provide a .jpg photo of yourself, a headshot, or you speaking in front of a group or in your garden.

In most cases, once you send the above information in an email, it will be online and ready to be reviewed within a week. You will receive an email when it is live and any additional changes can be made at that point.