FAQs for Planners

For a very well-thought out and thorough write-up, please visit Tony Avent's, of Plant Delights Nursery, post on "Proper Host Etiquette." It anticipates virtually any issues that can arrise – from the acquisition of qualified speakers to the planning of a speaking engagement.

If you are a program chair, event organizer, or anyone looking for an excellent speaker on gardening, we help connect speakers to audiences.

Is there a fee to search for speakers?
No. This is a free directory for event organizers to locate the perfect speaker and topic.

How do I know if a speaker is good?
Ask for references. Most speakers are happy to supply references.

How do I book a speaker?
Contact the speaker directly from the contact information listed in their listing.

How much do the speakers listed on GreatGardenSpeakers.com charge?
Fees vary from free to a few hundred dollars or more, depending on the speaker, distance to travel, meals, and overnight stays. Some speakers will include a price range, and others will quote you a price when you contact them. 

What can I do to make for a successful relationship with the speaker?
It's good to have clear expectations:

Exchange of cell phone numbers in case a speaker is detained so that they can make contact with a live person and communicate the situation. Contact the speaker one month before and then one week before the event to make sure all questions are addressed.

There should be someone looking out for the speaker – to greet them when they arrive, to help with unloading and set up if needed, to offer a drink of water or other beverage, and to generally be available for whatever might arise.

In addition to the equipment being agreed upon in advance, it's helpful if the speaker understands what kind of room in which they'll present. It's disappointing when slides are being shown in a room that can't be darkened. Agree who is to provide a screen and ahead of time and provide an extension cord.

The honorarium/fee and expenses should be spelled out, in writing, ahead of time. Let the speaker know if your organization requires an invoice in advance.  Payment should be made at the conclusion of the program, without the speaker having to ask.